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Wilmington, NC

Fall 2009

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This project, in Wilmington, included our HomeNetâ„¢ wiring infrastructure, House audio system, Surround Sound System & Doorbell Fon intercom system.


On this project, we installed a 6-zone Control4 audio system. We have speakers in the main living area, two decks, the master suite and the office. The sources include XM & FM tuners, CD player & cable box music. All of the sources can display their data on the keypads located in each room.


At the front door, we installed a brushed aluminum intercom box that rings to any/all telephones in the house. Simply pick up the phone and your communicating with the person at the front door. As an added option, you can communicate from phone to phone, creating a very simple intercom system.


The living room includes a 50" HD plasma with a 5.1 surround sound system. Notice the unique use of cabinetry to house the A/V equipment. This house had limited space to install the A/V components. So we took the back half of the kitchen cabinets and split the A/V components up between two of them.