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Wrightsville Beach , NC

Summer 2009

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This project, on Wrightsville Beach, was unique in it's construction. It's poured concrete and looked more like a hotel going up than a residence. The system included our HomeNetâ„¢ wiring infrastructure, House audio system, Lutron Lighting System, Lutron Shades, Integration of hurricane shutters, 2 Media rooms along with 5 additional TVs, Super Hi-res network cameras to view the aquarium & Gigabit wireless/PC network throughout the entire house.


On this project, we installed an 8 zone Control 4 audio system. We have speakers in the main living area, Office, Pool & Sunset room. The sources include Ipod, XM & FM tuners, CD player & cable box music. All of the sources can display their data & are controllable from the Touchscreens and TVs in each room.


The Lutron lighting system consists of 195 lighting zones which are operated by 50 Keypads. We installed 27 motorized shades. We also integrated 65 motorized hurricane shutters. The client wanted to be able to operate groups of shutters & shades from specific keypads. Some other cool features include a beautiful chandelier in the gallery, a bubble light in the dining room & a coral wall in the hall. The original design of the coral wall called for fiber optics. We felt that the fiber optics were a bad choice and would not work properly. We proposed a new design, which the client loves, plus we save him about $20K on the wall. The home includes a very large aquarium. We programmed the shades around the aquarium to automatically go up & down, throughout the day, so the sun would not hit the aquarium and cause algae growth. Also, when out of town the hurricane shutters will be closed. In the case of a fire, we needed a solution to let the emergency personnel in. There is only 1 door without a shutter. We provided a red keypad and programmed it for all shutters up/down & all lights on/off..


We designed and installed a dedicated, theme type theater room using the latest in front projection technology, JVC RS2. The 119" screen is sound permeable and hides the speakers behind it. The room includes acoustic panels, as well. The second media room is the sunset room which is a multi purpose room. It includes a surround sound system featuring a 55" LED TV.


We installed 2 network cameras. 1 showing the pool, the other 2 are very high end, zoomable to view the aquarium and the aquarium controls. We provided a secure web interface that allows both the homeowner and the aquarium tech to view and service the system remotely.


Please enjoy the photos of the beautiful home.