We do it all

Throughout our 14 years in business, we have been on the cutting edge of technologies in custom audio & video systems. Our systems can operate from one simple button press. Keep in mind that today’s audio video components were not meant to work together. Each manufacturer wants to come up with a standard for operation, but none want to adhere to anyone else's standards. This makes control and operation difficult for audio video systems. As the end users, you don't want to be bothered with the details of how the systems work, you just want them simplified. That’s, what we do.

We have handpicked the products that work best together. We have tight relationships with the manufacturers of custom audio video, home theater, lighting control & home automation products. We often provide feedback to them, to help form the next generation into the best products. We are able to take these complex, multiroom systems and simplify the operation down to one touch.

For example, you have a DVR located in your living room. You’re watching a recorded program and get tired. With our custom video system, You can pause the DVR and go into your bedroom and with a single button press you can turn the bedroom TV on & to the correct input and begin watching the same program.

Our multi-room audio systems provide music sources in many rooms. You can be listening to your favorite sat radio station on the back porch while another person enjoys their iPod in the bedroom while still another listens to the living room TV thru the kitchen speakers. All being controlled from a simple and easy to use control system.