Networks aren't as simple as they used to be

It used to be fairly easy to install your own network. They usually consisted of 2 PCs and a cheap wireless router. Things have changed. Now, the network may be one of the most important systems in your home. You could have your TV displaying the latest feeds from your Twitter, Facebook & other social media sites. You can watch Youtube videos or check on your eBay auctions, without a computer. The old brick & mortar DVD rentals are loosing market share to video on demand services, such as, Netflix, Vudu & Amazon. Even the latest audio system components are part of your network. Your mobile phone and PC are gobbling up as much bandwidth as you can provide.

For all this, you need a professionally designed, installed and maintained computer network. It all starts with a wiring system that we call our HomeNet wiring system. This should be installed during the construction of you home. If you buy an existing home, we can retrofit the necessary wiring. Electronics2You has the experience and resources to provide the necessary components & services to keep all of your technology running fast and secure.